Published Research

  • Does Bigger Still Mean Better? How Digital Transformation Affects the Market Share-Profitability Relationship
    Sklenarz, Felix Anton, Alexander Edeling, Alexander Himme, and Julian Wichmann
    International Journal of Research in Marketing, forthcoming
  • How Firm Communication Affects the Impact of Layoff Announcements on Brand Strength Over Time

       Stäbler, Samuel, Alexander Himme, Alexander Edeling, and Max Backhaus
       International Journal of Research in Marketing (2023)

  • Marvelous Advertising Returns? A Meta-Analysis of Advertising Elasticities in the Entertainment Industry

       Schöndeling, Andrea, Alexa Burmester, Alexander Edeling, André Marchand, and   
       Michel Clement
       Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (2023)

  • Finding Goldilocks Influencers: How Follower Count Drives Social Media Engagement

       Wies, Simone, Alexander Bleier, and Alexander Edeling
       Journal of Marketing (2023)
       Winner VHB Best Paper in Marketing Award 2023
       Finalist AMA/Marketing Science Institute/H. Paul Root Award 2023

       Featured in, e.g., Absatzwirtschaft, Horizont, UpNext Podcast

  • How, Why, and When Disclosure Type Matters for Influencer Marketing 

       Karagür, Zeynep, Jan-Michael Becker, Kristina Klein, and Alexander Edeling

       International Journal of Resarch in Marketing (2022)
       Winner IJRM Best Paper Award 2022
Finalist for the
       Featured in UpNext Podcast
       Lead article


  • The Marketing-Finance Interface: A New Integrative Review of Metrics, Methods, and Findings and An Agenda for Future Research
    Alexander Edeling, Shuba Srinivasan, and Dominique M. Hanssens
    International Journal of Resarch in Marketing (2021)
    Finalist IJRM Best Paper Award 2021
  • When Does Market Share Matter? New Empirical Generalizations from a Meta-Analysis of the Market Share–Performance Relationship
    Alexander Edeling and Alexander Himme
    Journal of Marketing (2018)
    Lead article; featured in, e.g., WirtschaftsWoche, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Finalist VHB Best Paper Award 2019
  • Over, Out, But Present: Recalling Former Sponsorships
    Alexander Edeling, Stefan Hattula, and Torsten Bornemann
    European Journal of Marketing (2017)
  • Marketing's Impact on Firm Value: Generalizations from a Meta-Analysis
    Alexander Edeling and Marc Fischer
    Journal of Marketing Research (2016)
    Featured in Forbes, Finalist Paul Green Award 2016

Research awards

  • Winner of the AMA/Marketing Science Institute/H. Paul Root Award, Journal of Marketing, 2023
  • Winner of the VHB Best Paper in Marketing Award 2023 
  • Finalist for the Sheth Foundation / Journal of Marketing Award 2023
  • Winner of the Best Paper Award at the AMA Winter Conference 2023 (consumer behavior track)
  • Winner for the International Journal of Research in Marketing Best Paper Award 2022
  • Finalist for the International Journal of Research in Marketing Best Paper Award 2021
  • Finalist for the VHB Best Paper Award (Winner of the Marketing Section) 2019
  • Finalist for the EMAC / Sheth Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Competition 2017
  • Finalist for the Paul E. Green Award, Journal of Marketing Research, 2017
  • Winner of the University of Mannheim’s Institute for Market-Oriented Management Dissertation Award 2017
  • Winner of the Horizont Foundation Dissertation Award 2016
  • Finalist for the 2016 DMV (Deutscher Marketing Verband) Science Award 

Media and Transfer Journal Appearences

Influencer follower count and engagement:

Influencer marketing disclosure:

  • UpNext Podcast with Gabriella Mirabelli, November 3, 2022 (also available on Apple Podcasts).
  • Video as part of the FEB Talk series at the Faculty of Economics and Business at KU Leuven, March 28, 2022.

Other influencer topics

Financial impact of market share:

Marketing and firm value:

  • Forbes, "Marketers Need To Measure Twice and Cut Once," April 25, 2018.

War in Ukraine:

  • De Standaard (in Dutch), " Zelenski zoekt 400 miljard, maar wie durft te investeren in oorlogsgebied?", September 23, 2022. 

Movie "Barbie"

  • Nieuwsblad (in Dutch), "Multinational Mattel maakt zichzelf belachelijk in 'Barbie'-film: een meesterlijke marketingtruc?", July 26, 2023.

Mass layoffs and brand equity